Illegal Aliens deport them?

Too many people think that illegal aliens are all good people that we should all help to become citizens. The truth is that many are criminals and other burden our country by taking jobs from citizens and having children which we must pay to educate. Truthfully no one should be allowed to enter this country illegally and legal immigration should Only be allowed in certain rare cases!

Many Illegals have been here for decades and had children which are now considered citizens should there be a path to citizenship for them? I would suggest that those who contribute to our country be given a green card if they can pass the G.E.D. test in English. Our government has been spending millions of dollars each year translating government documents to foreign languages and hiring interpreters for those who refuse to learn English this must stop. This is not equal rights but special treatment for immigrants. Those who can not pass the G.E.D test in English do not help our country but instead are a burden since they are uneducated and take jobs any American citizens could do. These uneducated Illegals are lowering wages and stealing jobs from American citizens and this needs to stop now.

All Immigration should be focused on improving our country by bringing the best and brightest people here instead of bringing people here to lower wages and those who are given green cards should also have to pass the G.E.D. in English and show they excel in a field which needs more employees not to replace Citizens who excel but make higher salaries!